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Item Mall Update March 2024


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The¬†St Patrick's Day Event ¬†will run from March 6 - March 28¬† This month, the "wearing of the green" was never easier. We have a variety of different costume styles to choose from. Btw, folklore says that wearing green will make you invisible to leprechauns. Apparently, they enjoy pinching people¬†ūü§Ć.

There is even more excitement in the Item Mall this month because we have not one, but TWO event themed mounts! The Leprechaun Mount is one of those mounts that you ride inside of, rather than on top of. He kind of hops around and green puffs of smoke come from his pipe.
leprechaun mount.jpg

The Lucky Dragon Mount is a beautiful, flying mount that leaves a trail of sparkling 4 leaf clovers 
lucky drgon mount.jpg

We've also got something exiting happening in the EQUIPMENT > BACK section.  A new line of wings has been added to the Item Mall basic selection. 
The Allurer Wings  by @Sneaux come in 9 vibrant, solid colors and they can be found on page 2 and 3/5. There are also 4 seasonal colors/patterns that will be rotated in every 3 months. More about this later.

The items that will only be in the Item Mall for the current month are now on the FEATURED TAB. They will also be in their respective tabs (Specials > Seasonal for the event themed offerings and Equipment > Specials for the non-themed items). Now you can check to see what’s new each month as soon as you open the Item Mall Window (Alt + B).

Let's start with the classic Kiss Me I'm Irish T-shirt.  Both models are wearing Yellow Rubber Boots, which can be found in Equipment > Masks page 3/3. NOTE: The female model's costumes are all refined (1)
kiss me im irish.jpg

Two other very specific St Pat's Day items that will complete any look- Shamrock Hat and Leprechaun Beard
shamrock hat.jpg

leprechaun beard.jpg

Check the spoiler below for more green clothing options.


Pop Idol Green 
green pop idol.jpg

Traditional Green Chinese
green chinese.jpg


Green Power Suit
green power.jpg

Sea Glitz
sea glitz.jpg

Mythical Atlantian
mythical atlantian.jpg


As mentioned before, the Allurer Wings have been added to the basic back options in 9 brilliant colors  Additionally, there are also four seasonal Allurer Wings that will be in the IM in March, April.  (Next year these will be available in Dec, Jan and Feb). 

Sunset and Glacier Allurer Wings
sunset and glacier allurer.jpg

Aurora and Silent Night Allurer Wings
aurora and silent night allurer.jpg


Anyone who is into basketball knows the term March Madness. We are celebrating March Madness with our Basketball set in four colors.
World Butterfly Day is March 14 and we have the perfect sets to put you in the butterfly mood.  Don't forget your Sleeping Cap  and pajamas for World Sleep Day on March 15. Celebrate World Bear Day March 23 with the Bear Set.  Curious?  Check in the spoiler below for these and the other non-event themed offerings.


First, our March Madness sets
Red Basketball
red basketball.jpg

Blue Basketball
blue basketball.jpg

Purple Basketball
purple basketball.jpg

Yellow Basketball
yellow basketball.jpg

Brighten up Butterfly Day or any day with one of these.
Monarch Butterfly

Blue Monarch Butterfly
blue monarch.jpg

Green Monarch Butterfly
green monarch.jpg

Red Monarch Butterfly
red monarch.jpg

To celebrate bears on World Bear Day
Bear Set

You will sleep easy on World Sleep Day with these Pajamas


Explorer Rascal
explorer rascal.jpg


Black Ronin
black ronin.jpg


This month we have some special hats in the Item Mall. Back by popular demand, two Faith Hats:¬† White Trilby Fedora and White Plaid Trilby Fedora.¬†¬†NOTE that all of this month's special hats also fit on the infamous "bad hair day" male hairstyle¬†ūüßĎ‚Äćūü¶Ī
white plaid and white trilby fedora.jpg

Besides the Pajama Set, to help you celebrate World Sleep Day, try one of these cute Sleeping Caps.  Shown here are Green Sleeping Cap and Pink Sleeping Cap.
sleeping cap green and pink.jpg

The other four colors of Sleeping Caps can be seen in the spoiler below.


Orange and Black Sleeping Caps
sleeping cap orange and black.jpg

White and Blue Sleeping Caps
sleeping cap white and blue.jpg


As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, starting this month, the brand new Allurer Wings will be in the item Mall permanently. These beautiful, vibrant wings will be a useful addition to any wing collection. Shown here are the Yellow Allurer Wings. Check in the spoiler to see the other 8 colors.
yelllow allurer.jpg


Blue and Black Allurer Wings
allurer blue and black.jpg

Brown and Purple Allurer Wings
allurer brown and purple.jpg

Green and Pink Allurer Wings
allurer green and pink.jpg

Orange and Red Allurer Wings
allurer orange and red.jpg

Two more colors of Orpe Wings are in the Item Mall in March. We also have some Astarot Wings that match the green theme and an assortment of other wings.  Shown here: Yellow Allurer Wings with Yellow Basketball and Purple Orpe Wings with Purple Basketball
yellow allurer and purple orpe with basketball.jpg

Check in the spoiler below for some other costume/wing suggestions


Black Ronin with Emerald Howling Wings and Red Basketball with Hardcore Wings
black ronin with emerald howling and red basketball with hardcore.jpg

Traditional Green Chinese with Green Allurer Wings and Bear with Orange Orpe Wings
green allure with chinese orange orpe with bear.jpg

Bronze Seraph Wings with Hunter and Green Astarot Wings with Kiss Me I'm Irish
hunter with bronze seraph and kiss me with green astarot.jpg

Orange Guardian Wings with Pajamas and Aurora Allurer Wings with Mythical Atlantian
pjs with orange guardian and myth atlantian with aurora allurer.jpg

Astarot Wings of Blight with Green Pop Idol and Beta Mach B-12 Wings with Protector
popidol with blight and betamach b12 with protector.jpg

Icy Guardian Wings with Sea Glitz and Silent Night Aurora Wings with Doctor
sea glitz with icy guardian and silent nigh with doctr.jpg



-Item Mall storage is free (no zulie cost) and unlimited. When you place an item into this storage, the next storage page appears.  You will never run out of room for your Item Mall costumes. You can also place utility items like Shop Looks, Saturunes or Glow Painters into Item Mall storage.

-Preview is an easy way to see how costumes will look on your character.  Click on the Preview tab on the side of the Item Mall Window
preview 1.jpg


-Then click on any wearable item in the IM. ¬†You can move freely between the tabs and create your own unique look. ¬†The circular arrows on either side will turn your character around so you can see the back and sides as well as the front view. Press the ‚Äúreset‚ÄĚ button to remove items so you can start again fresh.
preview 2.jpg

-Refining Item Mall costumes does not cost zulie and your success is guaranteed but refine levels can NOT be removed.  So please take a moment to try on your costume after each refine level and make sure you are happy with the glow. 

Happy Shopping, Roserians!¬†ūüõćÔłŹ

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