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Gun bourg stats


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Working on a gun bourg right now, I know that the stat distribution for gun is around 50% con, 40% dex and 10% con but, how do you calculate this? is it based on the weapon or on the total amount of stat points I got? Can someone help me out with a stat build? 

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Every 1 SEN, 4 DEX and 5 CON

If your at 75 SEN for example, your CON and DEX should be around 375 and 300 respectively. You mostly eyeball the ratio as you level until max level, where you can calculate the more optimal distributions, at least that's what I always did. I was also very much into have a "flawless" distribution, with hitting as many breakpoints as possible, while having exactly 0 points remaining. It took a very long time to find* all those but it was fun, the first time.

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