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Better than mesolite oval?

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I have a typhoon set on my raider. I wanted to make it a runner set. I was planning on putting MO13 on it but it only gives movement speed 35. Since typhoon is grade 6 and you can't put max (tier 12) stats on it, I wonder if someone tried to craft g6 items or below to get tier 11 or 10 stats for movement speed.

Tier 11 stats has these:
MS 60
DEX 25
CHA 40

Tier 10 stats has these:
DEX 20 / MS 50
CHA 30 / MS 50

I don't know which of these stat combination give the highest total MS but if you only look at MS numbers, they are already better than MO13's 35.

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My sen is 995 with buffs. Alot. If the stats are not good I disassemble them so I can get some of the mats or costume piece back to craft again. I think its best you try them yourself. Crafting max stats can be tedious.


P.S. I did manage to craft dex 20 and and 50ms last night on grade 7 but it cant be transferred to grade 6 items (lower grade).

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