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NA Superboss Events


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I dug up some ss of various superboss events and thought I would share them.  When Titan closed in 2014 and we went to NA, these superboss events used to be in the back of Junon Polis, near the docks.  The lag was indescribable. I don't have any ss of those (because I avoided them since I always just died).  When I was max level (230 at the time), it was better 😛  Then they started moving these events to different maps.   Back then, these bosses dropped a number of items then they started also dropping Super Shiny Essences.  This item went directly into your inventory and could not be traded but the items you exchanged them for (lisents and a couple of costumes) could be traded or sold so people would log in a bunch of low level toons to get those essences, which added to the lag lol.

Ironically one of the last updates at NA added a new map called Garden of Aru.  It was supposed to be for events like Superboss but I only recall it being used maybe once and I could not find a ss of that.   Anyway here are some of the laggy but fun superboss events.

superboss junon.jpg

superboss zant.jpg

superboss dolphin.jpg

superboss breezy.jpg

superboss forest.jpg

superboss sunshine.jpg

superboss orlean portal.jpg

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5 hours ago, Sui said:

That's awesome! I remember in IRose GMs would sometimes appear and spawn bosses that had a lot of drops. That was a lot of fun and I hope the Rednim team will continue doing spontaneous GM appearances and events.

I hope so too- maybe not right away since we will all be weak and low level, but at some point it would be fun to have events like these again. 

Hide and Seek was another staff-sponsored event that we used to have.  When the ROSE CM did a livestream, sometimes it would include a few rounds of hide-n seek.  Those are always fun, figuring out their location based on the clues.

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