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Cleric heal cooldowns reduction


Cleric cooldown reduction for heal  

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  1. 1. Do you think clerics heals are too long?

    • Reduce cleric heal cooldowns
    • Keep cooldowns the same

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I strongly believe, that clerics heals, have too long of cooldowns. Often your team is dying, you use your 6 heals, and you have around talking in chat, for 20 seconds to wait until you can effectively support your team again. I am very happy about the flame insta tick change (or how I prefer to think of it, a fix) as I don’t think an instant tick was intended. This did however, reveal how salamander flames, were really the primary healers, and clerics real heals were more supplemental. However, cleric feels so much more fun honestly and more active to play in PVP because of this “tick change” we can no longer rely on flames to passively heal for us, we have to do it ourselves, and it’s fun and encourages activity! Why not capitalize on that, and solve two things with one stone? By that I mean, utilize cleric even more, reducing healing cooldowns, so we can be even more active, supporting our team. While at the same time, solving a major problem with cleric, their healing effectiveness! Currently, everybody is getting 2-300 points less than they were before this simple “tick change” without any change to their character or builds. This is a huge difference for such a small thing, and showed how ineffective heals are. This I believe can be solved easily with a cooldown reduction. So, what do you think, should heals stay the same, or should they be reduced in cooldown? 

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13 hours ago, averybee1022 said:

you use your 6 heals



If there were only 6 heals, I'd agree that increasing CD is a good play. 
But because there are 10 heals, (video to shows and explains somewhat how the heals work) 
I think that the play might be to increase already existing heals. 
There's something that needs to be done about heals for lower levels. I think that if a cleric is in a level appropriate map, their healing should be doubled in under lvl 200 maps. Or something of the likes of that. 


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