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Item Mall Update December 2023


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Two fun events in ROSE this month. Information on the Christmas Event can be found here.  Information on the other event will be posted when that event starts. 

But what about the Item Mall?  There is plenty of excitement in December and topping the list are the Faith Weapons.  If you missed getting your favorite in June, now is your chance to own the one you always wanted back at NA.  These very big costume weapons will be available during the month of December.

To get you into the holiday mood, we have several Christmas related sets and the Christmas costume weapons. Santa also brought the old WP mascot costumes and their matching backpacks (Pogo's costume is in the Summer Festival but the Pogo Backpack is available this month in the IM). 

And one "footnote" (pun intended).  Starting this month, the Yellow Rubber Boots will be in the Item Mall permanently.  Since we don't have a shoe tab (because of how clothing is coded in the game, most foot items are not compatible with other sets), you will find these adorable shoes in EQUIPMENT > MASKS.  

Let's get right to it!  The items that will only be in the Item Mall for the current month are now on the Featured Tab. They will also be in their respective tabs (Specials > Seasonal for the event themed offerings and Equipment > Specials for the non-themed items). Now you can just check to see what’s new each month as soon as you open the Item Mall Window (Alt + B) 


In the following ss, the female model’s weapons are all refined (1) with a Citrine Marquise [13], to show the gem placement.  The male model is displaying the Broad Axe with gem placement.  Both models are wearing Festival Worker’s Jacket (EQUIPMENT > BODY) and Yellow Rubber Boots (page 3 of EQUIPMENT > MASKS )

Some costume weapons are so big that it's difficult to see them in Preview, so check the spoilers below to get a better look.
Broad Axe
broad axe.jpg


Heavenly Sword of Wei
heavenly sword of wei.jpg

Sword of Blue and Crimson
sword of blue and crimson.jpg

Blue Dragon Full Moon Spear
blue dragon full moon spear.jpg

Double Crescent Halberd
double crescent halberd.jpg

Shore's Horn Spear
shores horn spear.jpg

Snake Spear
snake spear.jpg

Zhuge's Crossbow
zhuges crossbow.jpg

Fists of the Southern Barbarians
fists of the barbarians.jpg

Swords of the Lovers
swords of the lovers.jpg


Emperor's Loyal Bow
emperors loyal bow.jpg

Tiger Cannon
tige cannon.jpg

White Wing Wand
white wing wand.jpg

Heavenly Ocean Monk's Staff
heavenly ocean monks staff.jpg



In the following ss, the female model’s weapons are all refined (1) with a Garnet [7] to show gem placement and Rosasite Trilliant [13] in the offhands.  The Gingerbread House Axe is shown on the male model with an Enargite Marquise [13] to show gem placement.
gingerbread house axe.jpg


Sword of Holiday Cheer

sword of holiday cheer.jpg

Broadsword of Holiday Cheer
broadsword of holiday cheet.jpg

Snowman Mace
snowman mace.jpg

Holiday Cheer Spear
holiday cheer spear.jpg

Candy Crossbow
candy crossbow.jpg

Shield of Cheer
shield of cheer.jpg

Gingerbread Claus
gingerbread claus.jpg

Holiday Bow
holiday bow.jpg

Dual Gingerbread Men
dual gingerbread.jpg

Holiday Popper Gun
holiday popper gun.jpg

Holiday Festive Launcher
holiday festive launcher.jpg

Peppermint Wand
peppermint wand.jpg

Staff of Holiday Cheer
staff of holiday cheer.jpg

Magic Tool of Spearmint
magic tool of spearmint.jpg


Now for my favorite part- the costumes!  Of course we have a traditional holiday look but if that's not your style, check in the spoiler below for some other fun event themed sets.  In the following ss, the female's costumes are all refined (1).
Santa Look Set
santa look set.jpg


For a more toned down version, try the Jolly Santa Set
jolly santa set.jpg

Santa can't do everything by himself. Give him a hand in the Santa's Helper Set.
santas helper set.jpg

Christmas Cheer Set is kind of a mix of reindeer and elf.
christmas cheer set.jpg

Festive Christmas Set (good if your arms get hot while you're doing that holiday shopping).
festive christmas set.jpg

A bit less frightening than the set in the Christmas event, the Rudolph Set
rudolph set.jpg

Perfect for some wintery fun, the Snowman Set.  This set will also be in the Item Mall in January.
snowman set.jpg

A delicious option this month, the Gingerbread Set comes in 3 'flavors". Shown here is the Vanilla Gingerbread Set.
vanilla gingerbread.jpg

Top off the cookie look with this Gingerbread Man backshield.
gingerbread man backpack.jpg

This month we have 3 variations of the normal Santa Sweater Sets. Shown here is the Pink Santa
pink santa set.jpg

Going to a party will be even more fun in the Jolly Holiday Party Set.
jolly holiday party set.jpg

Do your favorite winter sport in style with these two sets.  Both will also be in the January Item Mall.
Purple Snowboard Set  (yes, it looks pinkish to me too)
purple snowboard set.jpg

Blue Snowboard Set
blue snowboard set.jpg

To add a holiday flair to any look all year round, the White Santa Beard
white santa beard.jpg

Festive Fairy Wings
festive fairy wings.jpg



We have a variety of non-holiday costumes this month, including the Black Power Suit and this adorable and unique Flor Set.  For more costume options, check in the spoiler below. NOTE: The female model's sets are all refined (1).
flor set.jpg


As mentioned earlier, this month we have the rest of the old WP mascot costumes available. This is the first time these 4 sets have been available. 

Lox Set
lox set.jpg

Flow Set
flow set.jpg

Sparky Set
sparky set.jpg

Flow and Lox Backpacks
flow and lox backpacks.jpg

Sparky and Flor Backpacks
sparky and flor backpacks.jpg

Pogo Backpack
pogo backpack.jpg

The Black Power Suit is the final color of that series to be in the Item Mall.
black power suit.jpg

As with the Power Suit, the Blue Karate Set is the last color variation to be in the Item Mall. 
blue karate set.jpg

Royal Flare Set
royal flare set.jpg

Something a bit different, the Huntereed Set.
huntereed set.jpg

HipHop Set for the rappers among us.
hip hop set.jpg

Viking Set for the true warriors. 
viking set.jpg


This month we offer Astarot Wings in the expected holiday colors (Red and Green) and some other special color variations.  We have the "element" wings (Fire, Nature, Ice) and Angelic Wings in Pink and White, Crystal Wings, Gold Seraph Wings and a few others as well.

Shown here is Santa's Helper with Wings of Nature.  Check the spoiler for some other wing/costume possibilities. 
santas helper and wings of nature.jpg


Blue Santa with Astarot Wings of Purity and White Santa with Red Astarot Wings
bluesanta with purity and white santa with red astarot.jpg

White Angelic Wings with Festive Christmas
white angelic and festive christmas.jpg

Beta Mach B-12 wings with Jolly Holiday and Gold Seraph Wings with Merry Holiday
betamach b12 with jolly and gold seraph with merry.jpg

Flow with Wings of Fire and Black Power Suit with Mech Wings Q-25
flow with fire and black power with mech q25.jpg

HipHop with Astarot Wings of Despair and Royal Flare with Astarot Wings of Corruption
hiphop with despair and royal flare with corruption.jpg


Remember, we have a basic selection of wings and other back items in EQUIPMENT > BACK. 


-Item Mall storage is free (no zulie cost) and unlimited. When you place an item into this storage, the next storage page appears.  You will never run out of room for your Item Mall costumes. You can also place utility items like Shop Looks, Saturunes or Glow Painters into Item Mall storage.

-Preview is an easy way to see how costumes will look on your character.  Click on the Preview tab on the side of the Item Mall Window
preview dec 2023.jpg

-Then click on any wearable item in the IM.  You can move freely between the tabs and create your own unique look.  The circular arrows on either side will turn your character around so you can see the back and sides as well as the front view. Press the “reset” button to remove items so you can start again fresh.
preview dec 2023 2.jpg

-Refining Item Mall costumes does not cost zulie and your success is guaranteed but refine levels can NOT be removed.  So please take a moment to try on your costume after each refine level and make sure you are happy with the glow. 

🎄  Happy Holidays and happy shopping, Roserians!   🛍️

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