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Summer Festival June 1 - June 30


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Ready for some fun in the sun?  Head over to Sunshine Coast (Zant, upper level behind Cornell).  The beach is decorated with balloons and there are several NPC's running some carnival-type games.  It's somewhat similar to the Winter Festival back in January.  You can also use any left over Festival Tickets in this event too.   And just like at the Winter Festival, be sure you bring zulie.  To do each game one time, it will cost a total of 625k zulie (that's to do every game once, NOT the cost per game lol)

First, some basic information.  There is one NPC who lives on the beach year round. [Beach Resident] Judith is to the left as you pass under the arch with the dolphin on top.  You'll notice tiny jumping monsters- Mr. Cannie and Mr. Baggie.  There are also some clams jumping around and a few chickens (more on the chickens in a bit).  Sometimes Judith will do a shout, asking for help cleaning up the beach for the festival. 
beach cleanup shout.jpg
When there is an active shout, none of the other NPC's will talk to you about their games.  They will all ask for your help clearing the trash.  Start killing those cute little cans and bags and don't forget to pick up the trash they drop.  That drop locks to the character that picks it up (like the Ice Chouchous during the Winter Festival). You'll know when enough trash has been collected when the cans and bags don't drop it every time.  

Here are the items you can get from Judith.


These are available year round so if you don't want to buy anything right now, just save your trash

The bikinis are cute but the Lifeguard Uniform and Buoy can be very useful especially for a crafter since they have sen base stats.  You can also get a Lifeguard Whistle (necklace) with 30 sen stat.  Instructions on how to get that whistle are in the spoiler below. Make sure that you farm for the 210 pieces of trash needed for the lifeguard suit and buoy on the character.  If the suit is traded, you won't be able to get the whistle.


After you have farmed enough trash and gotten the Lifeguard Uniform and buoy, equip them on the avatar and walk around this lifeguard tower until you get the message that you found a whistle
lifeguard tower.jpg

lifeguard whistle.jpg

Note: You can get this set and the whistle anytime but if you do it during the Summer Festival, there will be a (drowned?)  person on the sand near this lifeguard tower.  If you talk to them long enough, your character's face will be changed and that will be permanent until you buy a Plastic Surgery Coupon from the Item Mall so be careful. 

Here are the different items and their stats
Lifeguard Uniform and Buoy

lifeguard.jpg lifeguard stats.jpg
buoy stats.jpg

Moldie Innertube and Flippers
moldie and flippers.jpgmoldie stats.jpg

flipper stats.jpg

Ro5-E Squirt Gun

ros-e squirt gun.jpgsquirt stats.jpg

YukiChan Black Bikini  NOTE: The stats on all of these bikinis are the same, regardless of the color.
yukichan black.jpgbikini stats.jpg

YukiChan Blue Bikini  and YukiChan Plaid Bikini
yukichan blue.jpgyukichan plaid.png

YukiChan Blue Camo Bikini and YukiChan Tiger Camo Bikini
yukichan blue camo.jpgyukichan tiger camo.jpg


[Festival Manager] Lero (another Spero look-alike) is the NPC to the left of Judith.  He will sell you Festival Tickets for a (high) price and also some event chests.  (excuse the old ss from NA)
ticket prices.jpg

Here is a list of what you can get from him.  Check the spoiler to see what's possible in each box

Tropical Snacks Box - 3 tickets
Beach Beverages Box - 3 tickets
Festival Menu Box - 6 tickets
Bronze Festival Box - 25 tickets
Silver Festival Box - 75 tickets
Gold Festival Box - 125 tickets
Yukatas - 900 tickets

NOTE: You must have at least 900 Festival Tickets on your character before Lero will show you the Yukata options and like all festival NPC's, they get confused if you have more than one stack of the event item.  So if you have more than one stack of tickets or if you don't have a stack with at least 900, go to storage and combine them or drop off any extra stacks.


There are several HP and MP replenishment items in these boxes.  The quantities change depending on which box but here are the basic details on each consumable item

Churros HP 940 level 43
Empanadilla HP 1320 level 60
 Char-broiled Corn HP 2220 level 94
 Hero Sundae HP 3840 level 145
 Cheeseburger  HP 4440 level 162
 Iced Tea  MP 260 level 40
 Hibiscus Tea MP 380 level 70
 Frozen Lemonade MP 600 level 130
 Piña Colada MP 720 level 160

  The numbers in parentheses is the quantity range that's possible for each item in that box. 

 Churros  (5~10)
 Empanadilla (5~10)
 Char-broiled Corn (5~10)
 Hero Sundae (5~10)
 Cheeseburger  (5~10)

 Iced Tea (5~10)
 Hibiscus Tea (5~10)
 Frozen Lemonade (5~10)
 Piña Colada (5~10)

 Churros (10~15)
 Empanadilla (10~15)
 Char-broiled Corn (10~15)
 Hero Sundae (10~15)
 Cheeseburger  (10~15)
 Iced Tea (10~15)
 Hibiscus Tea (10~15)
 Frozen Lemonade (10~15)
 Piña Colada (10~15)
 Jupiterune (2~5)

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Festival Boxes have all of the above replenishment items in higher quantities, and a rare chance for one of the event costume items.  Check the spoilers below each box name to see what you might get.



 Churros (15~25)
 Empanadilla (15~25)
 Char-broiled Corn (15~25)
 Hero Sundae (15~25)
 Cheeseburger  (15~25)
 Iced Tea (15~25)
 Hibiscus Tea (15~25)
 Frozen Lemonade (15~25)
 Piña Colada (15~25)
 Jupiterune (5~10)

In the Bronze Box, you have a chance to get one of the event Wooden Shoes
Daring Rabbit Wooden Shoes  and Falling Leaf Shoes
daring rabbit shoes.jpgfalling leaf shoes.jpg

Gliding Dragonfly Wooden Shoes and Hopping Grasshopper Wooden Shoes
gliding dragonfly shoes.jpghopping grasshopper shoes.jpg

Noble Koi Wooden Shoes and Ocean Breeze Wooden Shoes
noble koi shoes.jpgocean breeze shoes.jpg




 Churros (20~40)
 Empanadilla (20~40)
 Char-broiled Corn (20~40)
 Hero Sundae (20~40)
 Cheeseburger  (20~40)
 Iced Tea (20~40)
 Hibiscus Tea (20~40)
 Frozen Lemonade (20~40)
 Piña Colada (20~40)
 Jupiterune (10~15)

In the Silver Festival Box you have a chance to get one of the event fans

Daring Rabbit Fan  and Falling Leaf Fan
daring rabbit fan.jpgfalling leaf fan.jpg

Gliding Dragonfly Fan and Hopping Grasshopper Fan
gliding dragonfly fan.jpghopping grasshopper fan.jpg


Noble Koi Fan and Ocean Breeze Fan
noble koi fan.jpgocean breeze fan.jpg




Churros (25~60)
 Empanadilla (25~60)
 Char-broiled Corn (25~60)
 Hero Sundae (25~60)
 Cheeseburger  (25~60)
 Iced Tea (25~60)
 Hibiscus Tea (25~60)
 Frozen Lemonade (25~60)
 Piña Colada (25~60)
 Jupiterune (10~20)

In the Gold Festival Bos you have a chance to get one of the event Yukatas

Daring Rabbit Yukata  and Falling Leaf Yukata
daring rabbit yukata.jpgfalling leaf yukata.jpg

Gliding Dragonfly Yukata and Hopping Grasshopper Yukata
gliding dragonflyyukata.jpghopping grasshopper yukata.jpg

Noble Koi Yukata and Ocean Breeze Yukata

noble koi yukata.jpgocean breeze yukata.jpg

In case anyone wants to see the completed Yukata sets, here they are.

Daring Rabbit Set and Falling Leaf Set
daring rabbit set.jpgfalling leaf set.jpg

Gliding Dragonfly Set and Hopping Grasshopper Set
gliding dragonfly set.jpghopping grasshopper set.jpg

Noble Koi Set and Ocean Breeze Set
noble koi set.jpgocean breeze set.jpg

Now let's play some carnival games!  These games do not have to be done in any particular order.  

Digging for Treasure
NPC- Augustus
Cost- 119k
Reward- 5 or 20 festival tickets
Go to each of the dark spots and dig. When you dig up some festival tickets you’re done. Until then, go from spot to spot. Here are the locations


 These spots are pretty noticeable and again, these are not in any special order
dig 1.jpg

dig 2.jpg

dig 3.jpg

dig 4.jpg

dig 5.jpg

dig 6.jpg

dig 7.jpg



NPC- Alejandro
Reward- 1 or 10 festival tickets
Pick a card from his deck- if you pull a card lower than 8, you will get 1 ticket. If you pull a card higher than 8, you will get 10 tickets. The card will be in the consumable tab.

Clown Throw
NPC- Mildred
Cost- 143k
Reward- 1 – 30 festival tickets
 You will be given 3 balls. I’d suggest putting them on your skill bar, also the target enemy skill from basic skill tab. Click on the skill then double click on the ball to throw it at the clown you have targeted. If you get all three hits you will win 30 tickets; 20 tickets for two hits, 10 tickets for one hit, and 1 ticket for no hits. 

Junon RPS
NPC- Sherise
Cost- 87k
Reward- 10 festival tickets for winning, 1 ticket for losing
This is Rock-Paper-Scissors, Rose style. You will be playing against the NPC. Pick a pet between Smouly, Rackie or Porkie. If it’s a draw, you will get another turn

Chicken Races
NPC- Hig
Cost- 74k
Reward- 1 – 10 festival tickets
You will be given a water gun. It will be in the consumable tab. Target a chicken and shoot him. If he wins the race, you will get 10 festival tickets. The prize is 8 tickets for 2nd place, 6 tickets for 3rd place, 4 tickets for 4th place, 2 tickets for 5th place and 1 ticket for 6th place.

Pie Crush
NPC- Tony
Cost- 87k
Reward- Random number of festival tickets up to 10 tickets max.  The pie will be in the consumable tab, just double click on it.

Summer Fishing
NPC- Sal
Cost- 46k
Reward- 1 festival ticket per fish caught up to 10
Sal is in a boat on the other side of the beach, near that large island You will be given nets. Stick them on your skill bar, where hopefully you still have the “target enemy” skill from the Clown Throw. Use the skill to target a fish then double click on the net and see if you nabbed one. The fish disappear pretty quickly so be fast.

Scavenger Hunt
NPC- Pirelli
Cost- 100 festival tickets
Reward- Special Summer Basket
You must have played every other game once and have 100 Festival Tickets on your character before Pirelli will tell you about this game. 
There are 4 different scavenger hunts. Each one will give 3 clues; two clues are places that you have to go to and stand in a sparkly spot to get quest credit. The third clue is always a material. Here are the four different possible hunts. NOTE:  This quest can not be turned in until the time runs out.  The NPC does not take the material items so you can reuse them if you do more hunts.


There is no order to these hunts and often you will get the same one.

this powerful magic.jpg


First spot is in Zant

Second spot is on Dolphin Island

The material needed is 10 coal

atop an adventurer's hill.jpg


First spot is in Adventurer's Plains

Second spot is in Gorge of Silence
silent windmill.jpg

The material is Bark

a single sentence.jpg


First spot is in Kenji Beach
kenji cropped.jpg

Second spot is in El Verloon
el verloon cropped.jpg

The material is 15 Krawfy Tails

the sleeping giant 1.jpg


First spot is in Forest of Wisdom
twig of wisdom.jpg

Second spot is in Anima Lake
ikaness shrine.jpg

The material is 5 thick leaf

When you return to Pirelli after the time is up, he will give you a Special Summer Basket that contains one of the following:
special summer basked contents.jpg

Images and information about the wearable event items are in above in this topic except for the following (and I'm sure the old NA players will instantly recognize these)

Summer Backpack

summer back pack.jpgsummmer bp stats.jpg

Pogo Set

Have a fun and safe summer Roserians!

PS One more thing


You might spot one of these guys around on the sand, islands or in the water.  The cans and bags only drop 5 trash from what I can tell, but Bruce has a chance to drop a surfboard like the one he is holding in this ss.

mr large baggie.jpg

mr large cannie.jpg

bruce (2).jpg


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11 minutes ago, charles said:

I got These but why I cant complete? 


You need to wait until the time expires and if Pirelli still won't talk to you, it means you need to help clean up the beach so start killing those little cannies and baggies.

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Just now, HoneyBuns said:

You need to wait until the time expires and if Pirelli still won't talk to you, it means you need to help clean up the beach so start killing those little cannies and baggies.

oh I see didnt know Pirelli is an environmentalist. 

  • Haha 2
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Just now, charles said:

oh I see didnt know Pirelli is an environmentalist. 

Actually I think all of the NPC's are afraid of Judith.  When she makes that shout asking for help cleaning up the beach, all for the other NPC's suddenly become silent


  • Haha 2
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is it really 20 minutes cooldown time for the hunt quest? 20 minutes way to long to wait XD


I tried opening 35 special event boxes and all are just shoes and fans. Is this for real? how many more boxes do i need to open and how many more hours of waiting time because of that 20minutes cooldown i need to do just for the bagpack and pogo set.

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27 minutes ago, kbittner78 said:

Can we please make the event fans show up on the costume tab? It doesn't show up unless its in the offhand slot on character's avatar tab.

The recreational offhands can be used on the costume tab if you have a recreational offhand equipped (like the Mummy Doll for example).  Not sure if it's even possible to change that but you should post your suggestion in the Ideas section.

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