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Patch Notes - 2023-09-08 (Duels)


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Hello all!

We are excited to launch our largest feature to-date, duels! Duels are the highlight of this patch but we've also included some maintenance fixes such as fixing friends list and some minor features.





We are excited to announce the new duel system! Players will now be able to challenge each other to a 1 vs. 1 duel in all major towns using the new "Duel" basic Skill. This basic skill is available to all players level 10 or higher and players within 20 levels of each other can challenge each other to a duel.



Duelers will be able to set their rules (best of 1/3/5, 2/3/5 minute rounds, buffs/no-buffs, etc.) and bet zulie and up to 3 items on the match. The player who requested the duel sets the rules before starting the fight.



Once the match starts, the players will be restricted to the dueling ring and must fight to the death! If the players are unable to kill each other in the allotted time then the round will end in a draw.


Players in the area will be able to see when a duel is taking place and can monitor the progress of the rounds. Each icon interface represents the class of the players involved in the duel.



The winner of all the rounds will receive the rewards set at the start of the match. Additionally, once the duel is over, players in the nearby area will be notified of the results.

We look forward to seeing some epic duels! For our hardcore players, elevate the stakes by wagering some precious items or money to make the fight even more exciting!



Resurrection Confirmation


Previously, when a cleric revived any player, the player would be automatically revived. We have added a new feature that requires the player being revived to confirm they would like to be revived. If the user does not click confirm within 5 seconds, then the resurrection is cancelled.

In general, we believe the player should be able to control whether they want to be revived or whether they would like to respawn another way. In some cases this might save the player from additional deaths and exp loss (e.g. when fighting a boss) or from being harassed in PvP or Game Arenas.

We ask that players provide their feedback to us regarding this feature!



Cooldown Countdown


We have enhanced skill cooldowns to show a numerical countdown in addition to the visual cooldown indicator. While the visual indicator is useful, having the exact countdown provides more precise information.



Drop Indicators


The drop indicator is a new feature we added several months ago that can be optionally enabled/disabled. When enabled, the names of items which you can pick up are appended with an asterisks (*). Unfortunately, this indicator was not consistent and so the feature was not fully useful. We have corrected the issue and extended the functionality. Now, when you can pick up an item, a green asterisks will be appended, otherwise it will appear red.

Note: This feature can be enabled in the game options window under "Show item pickup status"



  • Gameplay
    • Added new duel system
    • Fixed Unique Skill Retraining not returning all skill points for unique skills with multiple levels
    • Added new confirmation dialog when a player is resurrected
    • Added skill cooldown text timer
  • Quest
    • Corrected misspelled word in "In need of Food"
    • Corrected "Crash" quest hinting the wrong NPC in Quest Tracker
    • Fixed Invalid Wrealith Hatchery quest showing the wrong amount in quest tracker
    • Added Hope's Haste Spell to Quest Tracker
    • Added Hope's Pride Spell to Quest Tracker
    • Fixed Snow Place Like Home(1) items not working in Quest Tracker
    • Updated descriptions for Magic is Everywhere event items to refer to Keenu instead of Judy
    • Fixed Investigating Artifacts #2 quest tracker not working
    • Fixed The Great Gorilla Escape quest not working for Visitors
    • Fixed [Junon Order Elder] Oscar Patrick's dialog
  • Items
    • Dark Visitor Sandals: Corrected this item so it can be refined
    • Nurse Shoes: Fixed this item having the wrong icon
    • Removed restrictions for all Firecrackers
    • Modified Thief Bug mount restriction to be account locked
    • Removed Account Bound restrictions for all CvC items
  • Misc
    • Fixed a bug where the login ui would not appear when using autologin and the returning to the login screen
    • Fixed drop ownership indicator not correctly showing if you can pick up an item or not
    • Updated drop ownership indicator to show a red asterisk if you cannot pick up the item
    • Fixed a case where a player's settings could be corrupted if the client crashed early
    • Fixed friends list and messaging not working
    • Added more French translations for various quests
    • Fixed Sahrazod NPC name

If you have any feedback regarding this patch, please share it with us in this topic

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