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Price check devil wing


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4 hours ago, AnyaLuna said:

No need i like my IM back but thanks for asking. It just looks ridiculous looking at the price smh. who would buy that seriously at 25m? 😂

Theres most likely only 2 ways to describe what this is...

1. A hopeful idiot

2. Most likely a shop setup for an RMT to move money less suspiciously. "Selling" an item is not going to raise much dev/mod attention vs trading a couple hundred mil or more.

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Those are actually pretty good stats for Grade 4 to be honest. 15 AP is highest, and health regen is pretty solid to have during leveling. 25mil is steep due to the required materials and nobody really has 25mil at level 76 so its aimed towards higher levels looking to "Min-max" their leveling process. I would say this is the 3rd reasoning behind the high price.

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