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[Completed] Server Maintenance - 2023-08-10


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Good day all,

We are scheduling some maintenance to re-apply a previous patch we had to roll back due to some issues (see:

 We have made some fixes that should resolve the previous issues with the clan subsystem. Since these changes are rather large behind the scene we have split up our update. Larger content changes will come in a follow up update which we are targeting for next week.

Start Time: 3pm ET (7pm GMT)

End Time: 4pm ET (8pm GMT)

Thank you!

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  • lazypenguin changed the title to [Completed] Server Maintenance - 2023-08-10

We have found the issue causing clans to be bugged. There was some invalid data in the database that our new service was not taking into account correctly. Big thanks to all the players who kept re-logging in so we could test new builds and do our investigation. We're running a fairy event for the next 24 hours or so as a show of our appreciation.

Please note there are some reports of issues with private messaging via the friends list causing disconnects. We are actively looking into this. In the mean time the friends list functionality might not be fully usable. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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