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Some one got Microsoft Surface Pro 5?

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On 6/21/2023 at 12:48 PM, Hariasa said:

I want to Buy a Microsoft Surface Pro 5, but do not know if it will run well.

If some one got it, try to run Rose Online on it for me please ^^

Tablet touchscreen can be fun


Even if it somehow manages to struggle to run it natively, you could still probably use it as a second screen. But, the UI updates need to happen before that's more of a viable thing to do imo. 

Tablet rose is .... idk. It's possible. I recommend making sure you lock your skill bars. But hopefully when the UI can scale it will be ... better 🙂

Right now I don't think tablet rose is a great experience.  

(However I use a tablet as a second monitor, and running the game within a VM ensures that when I do touch screen inputs on the game, it doesn't mess with my mouse on my other monitor) 

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