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Change how loot works for kings etc.. for a fair item distribution


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It would be awesome if the way how loot works on King enemies is changed to loot roll system.

For people not knowing how a loot roll could work in ROSE, here is an explanation:
You get two options to choose from once the loot roll pops up after a King is defeated. Everybody who participated in the kill gets these options.

  1. 🎲 Dice roll - You want the item
  2. 🚫 Leave roll -  You don't want/need it.

If you want the item, you can roll for it. You roll a number between 1 and 100. The player with the highest number gets the item. If you don't want the item, you can leave the roll. If everybody leaves the roll then item will be dropped on the ground and will be freebie for anyone else. Note that you must make haste to choose what you want, cause the roll choice is only active for 60 seconds. You will also leave the roll if you didn't make a choice.

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