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is there a plan for to make the Game Excitement like.

Desert of Dead will be the place for Ulverick Entrance

Prison or Ruins for Sikuku Cotacombs

Turak place for the Sikuku Cotacombs

Luna Clan field for Sea of Down

Orlo Golden ring or Fossil for Hall of Oblivion

that way the map will be full of player coz for me its Boring without PK or clan war i remember back back when 2010

Desert of dead is Excitement place and Ruins


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Ulverick entrance already exists in Desert of the Dead, but it doesn’t function.

Theres a stairway that goes deeper in Sikuku Prison that could be the way to Catacombs.

HOO is located inside the Oblivion Temple in El Verloon Desert.

Sea of Dawn would mostly just be a teleport option from Eucar City.

Having players actually go to the dungeon would be neat though. Or if dungeons could be entered from their actually locations. 

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I'd prefer that people take the actual stairs in Mt. Eruca to the Sea of Dawn, instead of teleporting. Or allow the teleport but at the risk of letting mobs from SoD back onto Luna proper. Everything should have a cost, the dealer in me says. Physical access could thus use a different resource than GA Energy, e.g. with the necessary related quest status (either the main storyline quest or Luna quests) one could form n number of Ice Key Fragments into an Ice Key, allowing direct access to SoD for you (one key per person) / everyone in your group (one key for all).

I know people have wanted use for that Ice Key Fragment for ages, especially since years back it actually had a use - one I hope the devs could re-implement someday, in fact.

Physical access to dungeons makes the game more interesting, especially if those sites are in contested PvP zones, such as DoD. One clan forcing another to have to use GA Energy and monopolizing 'free' access seems like great clan war material to me. Prison would see a lot more use if that were the case, considering the popularity of SC for quick Valor and CP. This logic doesn't hold for HoO, of course, since anyone on Orlo that has the kegpack quest can teleport straight to OT without risk. It's really people on Junon that'd prefer using GA Energy vs having to travel all the way to OT. I still feel that there should be some cost but also profit gained from this method, so I suggest remaking and re-implementing Ruven's tokens, pirate's tokens or doubloons from the OT quest. I'll keep thinking about this.

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