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Where can i get the Quest For Junon Mask


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The quest is part of the Episode/Hero Quest which is prompted at level 15 via Fairy dialogue. The quest has a planet icon in the quest log. If you dropped the quest early on, you can try talking to the Fairy in Adventure's Plains to get it again. If you already had the mask at some point and removed it (sold,dropped) its gone forever then.

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7 hours ago, Mitch31 said:

I've been searching for guide on how to obtain the JUNON MASK with stat AP/CHA.

and if ever i abandoned the quest, is there a way to get it again?

If you abandon it only but have not finish already, message me In-Game with the same name, I will try to assist you.
I think I was in the same situation but was able to reactivate it but cannot remember clearly so I need to recreate the situation with my other character 😁

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Hi, I accidentally abandoned the quest too. I went back to Francis in Zant and was told to speak to the relatives. So those who have accidentallly or intentionally abandoned it, but would like to continue with it, could try talking to Francis in Zant. Hope this helps.

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3 hours ago, JavIT2 said:

Ya hablé con él y no me da nada de opciones

Hi if you already started the quest and then abandoned it, you need to talk to the NPC that you last spoke to before you abandoned the quest.

An easier way might be to just make a new character on your account and do the quest on that character. The Junon Mask can be put into account storage so any character on the account can use it. 

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