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Bourg Passive. Applies "On hit" (and all the loot questions)


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These are the questions the community just, needs to know, please @lazypenguin,
Answering these questions would help the community make sense of things that need clarity. 
(I find a common problem in the community is misinformation, I'd like to have somewhere in the game were people do not mislead others) 

Does over dmg effect to passives? 
Does a drop set require most dmg, first hit, or just, damaging the mobs? 
Does stockpile require first hit to apply, or does it apply when dmg is done to mob?

Over damage is supposed to make it that the party that over damage can also get the loot, while first hit can always still get the loot if they try to loot it, correct? 
(In other words, over damage will let BOTH parties take loot, and it's whoever gets to the loot first wins) 

Is this drop table correct? 
Does DG have a different drop compared to outside of DG? 

Is Lisent U - Common, Uncommon; Or is it Legendary in Dungeons?  



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