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Idea: Union Seasons - Grinding for Fame


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I believe that farming Union Points can be much more interesting then it is now. So i'm calling Union Seasons as a new idea.

  • A Union Season lasts 2-4 months.
  • Upon the start of new Union Season you start at Union Fame level 1.
  • You can do on a daily basis tasks for your union. These tasks involves:
    • Doing a variety of Union Quests, like:
      • Fetch quests (Get X from/to Y)
      • Kill quests (Kill/collect X amount of Y)
      • Invasion quests (Protect X from Y within Z amount of time). Withstand wave after wave of enemies.
    • Do two randomly selected quests each day. The quests you get always matches with your level.
    • Union War. Battle with your Union against an opposing Union.
    • Buyout or Zulie donation to Union. For a X (high) amount of zulie you buy an item or donate to your Union.
      Note: This can be a nice money sink too.
  • Each completed task rewards you with Union EXP.
  • You need Union EXP to level up your Union Fame. For example like the EXP for the Fame Path in Fall Guys. See image below.
    • Each level up rewards you with Union Points.
    • Some levels rewards you with an item instead of Union Points.
      • Some of these items are unique to the union, season or both. Some items can be obtained only once and won't return.
      • The higher your Union Fame level the more exclusive the potential item will be.
    • Maximum Union Fame level is 50. Can you get to Union Fame level 50 before the season is over?
  • Like before you can spend your Union Points in the Union Shop.


Fall Guys uses this Fame Path for example

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