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How to farm at higher levels

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So, I'll be posting videos on how to run different DG's as different job glasses. This first video is a COU Full clear example. 


Other, hopefully better videos I will start to put out, I need to spend some time editing videos and such, 

But I wanted to get this one out, because I figured it's important that people see what high level farming looks like. 

There's a lot of frustration about high levels farming lower level stuff.  But, I guess a point I want to make with this video is, this sort of farming in high level is sort of rare, takes time and patience to attain. Which is why often times its nice to just chill and farm low level mobs sometimes. (I honestly don't find it worth doing for the most part, not when you can farm the ways I am ... about to show in the videos I will be releasing 🙂

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9 hours ago, Thystro said:

Any farm spots besides dungeons at higher lvl? Everybody is familiar with these strats. I am more intrested into farm spots in the world to be fair.

I've learnt of a faster way to do full CoU clear. 
I'll be showing that soon. 

While I am aware of many other places to farm, I'm working on my Knight, Champion and Cleric - Before I start my Bourg, Friday the 31rst!  (Live on Twitch) 
Which I made a VERY special launcher to make with!

I still have to make the Launchers from 120+(or so) 

It seems as though, that for me PERSONALLY, farming DG's is currently my best place for farming.  Until I make a bourg personally, I will not be exploring too much of the other parts of ROSE. 

Sorry these videos particularly don't suit your fancy, hopefully I eventually create something you like to see! 🙂

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