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Multiple Topic/Suggestions


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Topic: King Spawns

Issue: People are farming kings on a timer. They know the place and the time to quickly kill. Many are left with no chance of killing or even blocked from completing quests.

Recommendation: Variate the time the kings spawn in a given window ie. 15-30min. Also, chance the location of the spawn to be with any subordinate mob. This will make hunting kings fun, challenging, and fair. Anyone can have the opportunity to kill one.


Topic: Mage Balancing

Issue: Mages continue to top AA every round. They have the ability to 3 shot people, tank multiple attackers, and even stun more than a raider. They are the best of every class at the moment. Some balancing needs to take place.

Recommendation: Increase the cooldown for mana shield or decrease the damage it can absorb by 50%. They can live longer than knights in arena at the moment.   Increase the cooldown for their stuns by 2 seconds so they can't spam stun all melee. If you ever watch them against any melee, its pretty brutal.  As far as their nuking abilities.... i recommend a 10% reduction supplemented with the previous nerfs. I'm not out to get mages, but i think these nerfs are fair considering their current status.


Topic: Vending Memory

Issue: Setting up vending shops each time after a DC, dungeon, or whatever could take anywhere form 3-10 minutes depending on the variety. 

Recommendation: Allow players to save their vend shop so they can resume it at a later time. I think all players can get onboard with this change!


Topic: Dungeon Disconnects

Issue: If a player disconnects from a dungeon, they will not only lose the GA, but will also likely lose their position in the group. This could cause a domino effect of groups voting to kick random players to try to recover a previous member.

Recommendation: Give players a 3 minute window to reconnect to the server and thier previous group without GA penalty. The position in the group should be reserved for the duration so that other players won't connect and subsequently lose GA from getting kicked.


Topic: PVE Areas

Issue: Running Akram Arena for a PVP fix is becoming boring to many. 

Suggestion: Turn ORLO into a PVP zone for all lvl 240+. If you do this, please randomize king spawns so clans can't overtake the entire area. This would make things spicy for endgame players yet allows for others to lvl.



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