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Revamp desert of the dead into an endgame zone


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Currently, as everyone knows, repeatable quests are the meta for leveling, in result, the map goes almost completely untouched. I was thinking, it would be awesome if this map was redesigned to be a max level endgame, farming zone. and remaining a PVP zone, incentivizing lots of wars, and competition for farming spots. I think it would be very easy to do so, and would be very easy endgame content, everyone would love. 

The idea: to turn the area inside the blue square, into a safe-zone and have a ghostly guard NPC, right before the bridge, at the green dot that would guard the bridge, only allowing max levels into the zone. The reason being, there are some event quests, as well as dailies that are done in this map, so having max level monsters in this zone would make getting these quests done, kind of hard. Then basically in the rest of the zone, just adjust the level of the monsters to 250, and adjust loot table to make this a farmable area that gives good drops relevant to endgame. 


All that really needs to be done to implement this, is to add the NPC right before the bridge, and adjust the level of the monsters, to level 250, and change their loot table. I think the monsters in this map are perfect for endgame content, as they are REALLY cool! It is a real shame that this map is currently kind of a wasted asset, I think this idea would not only turn it into a very incredible popular map, but also would be very EASY endgame content for the team to implement. 


Thanks for reading, Let me know what you think down below.

Thanks to HB, and Heatfist in discord for adding some incredible ideas of their own!


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The Ghostly Guardian would be a great opportunity to use the Bridge Keeper from Monty Python and The Quest for the Holy Grail:

NPC: Ghostly Guardian “Jenkins”

Upon interaction dialogue:

NPC: “Stop, who would cross the Bridge of Death
Must answer me these questions three, 'ere the other side they see”

Player: Ask me the questions ghost! I'm not afraid!

NPC: What is your Level? 

Player Options: 250, 42, 200-249

NPC: What was your first Job?

Player Options: Dealer, Hawker, Muse, Soldier

NPC: What colour is a Moldie?

Player Options: Yellow, Red, Blue

NPC: Right, off you go then!

The first question approves player level the other two are for fun. If any questions are incorrect or player level is too low you are teleported to respawn point. Upon answering all three questions correctly you are teleported to the other side of the bridge. 


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  • prettywomanlover changed the title to Revamp desert of the dead into an endgame zone
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