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Drop Priority Changes


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So recently around 3 weeks ago(?) there was a change to what determines who gets priority over dropped loot after killing a monster. Originally it was determined by who got first hit, and if you were in a party anyone in the party getting first hit would apply to all of your party. Also, if a character was using drop gems/stockpile (or medals in the past) you would want that person to get first hit so that the extra drop modifiers would apply. (There may have been some weird exceptions to this but it was overall consistent)

Now after this change from what we are told it is a split chance between someone that gets first hit, OR someone who does the most damage but this also gets very messy with parties, drop modifiers and many people hitting a boss.

I did some testing with my characters to see how it may effect parties. For example I had my bourg with drop gems and cleric in the same party, bourg would first hit, then cleric hit after but deal more dps. Even though both characters were in the same party and my bourg hit first, the drops on average were worse than if my bourg just killed the monsters alone, implying that the highest dps also hinders your own party. 


Today I was fighting the Armastyx king with both of my characters, both in a party, Cleric hits first bourg hits second (cleric is doing more dps overall) the boss gets down to about 10-20% hp, 3-4 other people come by and start attacking. The boss drops 1 apotrope, and my bourg gets the message 'this item does not belong to you' (my cleric could however pick it up)

How? We're in the same party, my party got first hit and clearly did more damage but some rogue people attacking interfere with the drop. It just sucks for everyone.


There is such an insane amount of people farming bosses in orlo now; 20 people attacking a boss and it drops nothing multiple times, or 1 blue item. Drops get so screwed up with many different people attacking and there just aren't enough bosses for the amount of people but thats another subject. If you ask me there should be some trigger based spawns of orlo bosses as well as the timed ones. I can't really think of any around orlo. though on some occassions 2 terrasaurus kings spawn instead of 1 (not sure what the requirement for that is, but maybe it is a trigger)


The drop priority system seems so inconsistent and to be honest worse than it was before, not to mention sometimes the pickup skill just doesnt work when your group or party kill something (seem to happen the most on a support cleric not attacking things) I hope it gets refined a little because it doesn't feel very good as it is now.



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The change they made is terrible. I've been in a couple parties and the only drops I can pickup are from the mobs I kill. If someone else gets first hit, does more damage or whatever you think the programming is supposed to be doing, I can't pickup the drop. And if someone else leaves their drops on the ground (not in your party or just someone who doesn't pickup drops) you used to be able to pick them up. Now you can't even do that.  This change should never have been done.

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First hit was an integral part of ROSE. It's upsetting that it was changed. However, a person first hitting a boss, going afk until someone shows up, to kill it, to then claim loot. Was also, KINDA BROKEN. (but also hilarious) 
First hit meant that WEAKER players stood a chance. The change hinders players who is behind on gear, forcing them to stay behind in gear longer. - 

It' also removes that whole excitement of getting first hit. being all like NA NA I GOT FIRST HIT ITS MINE. In the similar fashion to licking something first and saying it's mine. 

The change is upsetting, and I too, hope they revert it.  (I've also noticed that overdmg makes loot worse too) 

Skill bug is recognized, 


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