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Best substats for Bourg?


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6 minutes ago, etyenneuhh said:

2:1 Con:str 
while leveling : around 1 point in sen every 2 lvl
Meaning around lvl 150 you should have 290 : 145 con:str and ~100 sen

What about best stats for end game gear?  Accuracy?  Crit?  Dodge??

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PvE, STR to hold the launcher and then CON for the rest. Worked for me from 1-100 then switched to gun since I went artisan and got tired of resetting stats to go from crafting to leveling to crafting to leveling.

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Gun and laucher have very different builds

Gun is about attack speed and damage, launcher is about raw damage and criticals

There is no attack speed cap, except maximum you can collect with items. Most geared gun bourgs (with self buffs/peridots) can exceed 3.3-3.4/hits second

As for bourg, with luna set, Con25/ap40 substats (this is most common one), you have 50% crit chance and over 2200 damage (~2800 with Jury rigging self buff).

Charm raises your critical buff strenght and also raises Flame Cannon Splash (your strongest aoe skill) burn damage

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I am leveling my bourg, enough strength to hold the weapon for that level. When I level passed the launcher, I put enough points to unlock next launcher then the rest goes into con and sen. Currently level 91 and I have 106 strength (+6 from gear so only 100) 139 con (which means i have 389 accuracy which is perfect for my level) and then 181 sens (without buff im showing 24.18% crit in junon fighting moldies for valor, and jumps to 35.82% when I buff myself with my 4 buffs I have as a dealer. the two level capped ones [level 80 cap] and the two con/sen buffs)

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