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Dungeons and IP


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i play Rose with my family means: wife, mother, brother, father.

We tried to go into a Dungeon and it always says "multiple chars". Yes because me and my wife live together and my Parents live together too.

So we can't join the Dungeons via Tool coz we only play one char but some share the same IP...

I understand its because of multi Accounts and abuse but is there no other way?

Is the abuse so high that we need this IP tracker?

Or maybe a other way of registration with a provment of Player with same IP (family).

Sorry if i used the wrong Forum Tab.


Greetings Paini 🙋🏻‍♀️

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They really should undo this restriction; it does more harm than good. If you really want to restrict duel clienting on on pc... whatever, restricting people in the same household from playing a dungeon is just alienating people for no reason.

"But what if one person plays on their desktop and their laptop!"

Who cares. You could always duel in dungeons, you don't punish people from playing together because one person might do something they've always been able to do before this.

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You earn valor in dungeons too, you know. But yes, there should a mechanism over and above the usual that allows us to play from the same public IP. I just can't think of anything that wouldn't be super-intrusive, at the cost of Rednim itself or that wouldn't qualify as P2W. Ideas?

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Hm maybe with the Two Factor Authentication?

Sure u can have more phones but i guess no one would use 6 smart phones only for multi Account a Dungeon 🙈

If more than one IP will join a Dungeon u have to put a Authentication Code in any Account or smth like that.

Don't know if its possible to script it in game

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