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Dexterity and movement speed


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Being a former Ruff Rose and Titanrose player, everything on this server is very new to me. Apart from the obvious and widely discussed issues that are still in need of fixing, I think I adapted quite well to the different way of playing Rose. One of the things, however, that I miss the most, is the increased movement speed you got from the dexterity stat.

I searched this forum but didn't find a discussion about this topic yet. So I thought I would post this here to see if others feel the same way, if there's a specific reason for abandoning the increased mspd, and if there's any chance it will be reconsidered.

And for those wondering, no, I never played a hawker class before and I am not playing one now either. 😉

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I think every weapon besides staff and launcher scales with dex, plus dex gives dodge. It is already a strong stat. 

The devs increased base movement speed of all characters and the hawker speed buff scales with dex and cha. The mechanic still exists, but just for hawkers and their party members. Given that the answer is speed somewhat scales with dex, I doubt there will be further changes.

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