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Thinking outside the box. (chat outside of game?)


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So, for people with multiple monitors, and wanting to use the real-estate.  Not to mention, wanting to have privacy when streaming. -- It'd be so amazing, to have chat on an outside window. So that I can move it where ever else on my computer screen, rather than being limited to just inside of the game window. Probably pretty annoying to implement, but oh man. I'd love this. 
Not sure how many other people would enjoy such a feature. 

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If you really wanna think outside the box, then i suggest we need a ROSE Companion app. Preferably for Windows, iOS and Android.

An app where we can manage:

  • Chat (like GodOfEntity says)
    • General chat
    • Party chat
    • Whispers
    • Clan chat 💤
  • Clan managing (if you're a Clan master/deputy) 💤
  • Vending (check your own shop) 💤
  • Buying (check other people's shops) 💤
  • Trading

💤 = Have this also when you're offline/not ingame.

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