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Clowns Quest Re-visited


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to see if the players would want to reconsider changing the clowns quest to be able to be completed between the ranges of levels 40-60.

Right now, it's level 50-60 and this change was made due to no party level gap and boosting.

Under this change, the quest would be available for 20 levels which makes sense with the 19 level party gap.

There are no good quests to take on between level 30-50 so doing this would alleviate the grind you'd have to do at moldies/smoulies.



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+1 this, even level 35 would be ok, right now the clown quest is completely useless, last time i leveled up a character I went straight to Krawfies at lvl 45 and did the hotch quest there.... kind of insane that you can do krawfy quest at 45 and can only do clowns at lvl 50.... makes no sense.

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