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Sikkuku ruins drop rates


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Hi there, 


It's been quite the ride to know you guys assembled this great team to breathe new life into this game. Here is a suggestion I'd like to shed some light on.


On the last two years that the official version was active it was a let down that the refining items where only obtainable either through bossing and dungeons which was quite limiting for the average joe who likes to go around the worlds Rose farming what they have to offer. As an individual player it was quite enjoyable to sit in Eldeon, Sikkuku ruins spiders to farm this specific materials from the Arachnids & Warbiz monsters. Once the dungeon system came out all these drops rates specifically lisents were sent right into instance drop tables which forced you to do these two things causing burnout and giving birth to insatiable boredom that came with it.


Downsides from this change

-Multiclient to get your own instance due to lack of players willing to do it.

-Wait tremendous amount of time to get into an instance with other players.

-Availability of this items was tarnished and made the refining process very expensive and in some cases unaffordable. 



My suggestion is to basically implement this drop rates in different parts of Rose, for example Oro and Eldeon for the players to not limit their experience to doing instances 24/7 to progress their characters and equipment. Now, why would I suggest this? It's certainly because Rose has beautiful landscapes to offer, soundtracks and monster designs that are not something the high end of progression side of players got to enjoy because they had to be stuck farming dungeons or killing bosses which came to be the meta by the end of the day. 

Upsides from adding these drop rates to Sikkuku Ruins

- Promotes different builds for farming characters.

- Blends in the risk/reward scenarios in which the player was to be wary that other players might kill you in this zone, adding a certain spice to the game.

- Promotes interaction between players through means of pvp exposure.



Downsides from adding these drop rates to Sikkuku Ruins

- Potentially makes the availability of these specific items too common(This can be managed through drop rates).

- Individuals camping other players for example like the Desert of the Dead experience.

- It might degrade the attention from bossing and new instances which can cause distancing between populations.


                                                               ~                       ~                             ~ 


Upsides from adding these drop rates to Oro

- Populate the areas with mobs and make the planet more attractive to farmers and the like.

- Promotes a sense of necessity in which merchants will look to be closer to cover supply and demand of players through their stores.


Downsides from adding these drop rates to Oro

- It might degrade the attention from bossing and new instances which can cause distancing between populations.

- an overflow of farmers due to no risk involved during farming.

- That same overflow of farmers may cause the prices to fall considerably due to increased supply.


Once again thank you for putting in the work for this game, can't wait for you guys to release new planets to be honest!


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Just a quick heads up. I believe that in the start we will only have junon available. Then they will gradually add the rest of the planets along the way. They are rebalancing the whole lvl experience and drop tables so theres no telling what changes are gonna be inplemented. I think its not gonna be close to the old rose we know.

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