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Exp on crafting


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1 minute ago, Chocaholic said:

Do dealers/artisans get exp from crafting or do they need to lvl up like all other jobs?

They do get EXP from crafting, but it’s not a huge amount. Leveling/questing is the easiest route to gain EXP. 

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If you’re looking to level faster at the cost of zulie, save your mats or search up what mats are used for crafting and craft using those. As you’ll get exp and possible good stated items which you can sell in shop. You won’t have good stats off the bat, however the more ‘sen’ you have the better stats you’ll get.

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Thanks for the replies, I played <deleted> before and saw artisans getting to max lvl in a few days just by crafting. I have no intent to do this myself, I like leveling up roaming all planets too much.

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1 hour ago, Bobbity said:

@Chocaholic You should treat that place as if it's a pserver, as I've done exactly that on pservers, faster even. 10 to maxlevel in 3 hours, just from crafting, no exp curve either. Didn't even use a macro or any mechanical assistance, just click-click a few thousand times.

I know, that is why I like this server better, more fun. I just wanted to check what the similarities are.

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