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Destealthing mobs should stun them


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Only a couple mobs currently have stealth such as the Rupers and Sikuku assassins. These mobs aren’t popular to fight because they have an advantage over the player. Making it possible to surprise them would give players a little more variety in leveling and provide a reward for outplaying the monsters.

Revealing a monster via skills that dispel invisibility or camouflage should stun them and lower their defenses for a few seconds, plus give a small exp bonus for the kill.

Must be a destealth skill or your third eye summon. AoE attacks don’t count.

To make this mechanic more worthwhile, it’d be good to add a few more stealthing monsters such as Camo Golem in Gorge, Shimmering Orpe in MoG, and Burrowing Asper in Golden Ring.

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