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Replace Map (M) with bigger Minimap


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Currently we have this map when you press "M" or "Alt+M"



If you ask me this map is pretty useless,
It doesnt really provide any info and I dont know about you but I never open it.

Currently we have a minimap/compass which is rather small but this one is actually usefull,
It shows the map, players, npc's, quests and gates/portals to move to the next map.

The problem is this map is rather small.

Now I noticed that xikeon created a mod to make the minimap bigger (Link)
This is really cool but I already noticed people in the comments asking if it can be made bigger or smaller.

My suggestion is to replace the current map with the bigger minimap.



What do you think?


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100% agree.

But the downside to this is that, I believe, there are no higher resolution versions of the ingame minimap. So new maps has to be made. And while doing it, fix the maps so the style matches across all maps. Currently all maps doesn't follow a single style. Makes it look messy.

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