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Nerf Reinforced, or Buff the Other Types


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Is it just me or does Reinforced need a bit of a nerf?  Way too much hp and defense, and most people are opting for Reinforced rather than the other types of armor.  Which makes the other types inferior.  Thoughts?

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Reinforced is a good value gear. Not amazing, but a decent bang for your buck.

It takes a decent amount of effort for an arti to upgrade gear. Reinforced gear is nice for leveling, but it's fairly middle of the road in terms of quality. Better than blue drops and that makes sense because there'd be on point in it otherwise. Valor and brave gear are better for their uses. Dungeon sets also tend to be better.

I'd say endowed gear needs a buff because there's no reason for anyone to use it, unless maybe in some mana shield build.

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