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Lower the game arena team size in CD or AA

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Currently unfortunately due to the small amount of players that are max level, and the team requirements to start a CD or AA being so high, PVP games just do not start anymore. I used to be able to get into one almost any time of the day, however they were very uneven because there was no team size requirement at all so it could be 1v5 etc. I think that if one of the game modes, either Akram arena, or crystal defenders were lowered to 5 players per team, rather than 10 they would start much easier. I think due to the requirements being so high, players are discouraged from joining at all because they just think its not going to start. Please for now in early access, while we wait to get more max levels, reduce the team size to 5v5 on CD or AA, and one of the game modes can be kept to 10 if desired, so pvp is accessible. Currently it is non existent sadly outside training grounds and sikuku ruins. 

This is not just me too, Anytime i check, there are never any active games anymore! Please do something about this i really want to play PVP as that is the playstyle i prefer. Thank you!

EDIT: also i do not think the crystal defenders 7-10 per team requirement is working, i think it is higher than that as i got into a game recently, and there were 9 members on atkers, 14 on defenders and the game did not start, we left queue because there werent enough.. so something is screwbally with that!

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