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Game arena gives too low of points.

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In my opinion, Game arena gives way too low points, Pvp, game modes, aswell as dungeons.. I can literally just spam lvl 120 quests in eldeon and get more than i would in a dungeon, in significantly less time.. And I am not saying that the answer is to nerf the quests, I think they are fine, I really just think the ammount of points needs to be increased significantly for completing a dugeon. They take 30 minutes with a really good group, and you get around 110 and it costs around 3,000 game arena energy. I think this is way to low. Also, Daily quests need to give more too in my opinion, by alot. 25 per quests per DAY is terrible when you can just spam quests in xita and make about 3k just leveling from 120-160 in xita. Now about crystal defenders and AA, Often you make no points at all if you are unlucky and the teams are uneven and you are not on the defenders side. I think you should get a base amount of points for just participating. It costs 2,500 game arena energy and often those points are just wasted, aswell as your time if you are unlucky and have a bad team. Also, it will incentivize people to grind these game arenas even if they have a bad team and their time and game arena energy would not go to waste. 

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The high end of points is good 150-500 points is nice. But when you lose, getting 8 points is definitely not worth your time. I hard agree there.


Lower the max points from like 500 to 400 and make the threshold to reach 100+ points easier. So people can consistently get 200 points or higher per match. The difference between highest and lowest should not be this big. 


You're absolutely right, you should not be playing 15-20 minute games and end up with less than 100 points.


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