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Damage reflection behaviour


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I got this message when walking past the moldies:


[Playername] reflects 55 damage to Little Moldie

I was not the one reflecting the damage, and because I was not part of the battle I see it as unnecessary to inform me of what damage has been reflected by someone else to something else. It is also not interesting enough for me at least to need to have it written in text like this. Change it into floating numbers like the ones that are shown above the head of a monster that has been damaged instead.


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Edited post to suit a suggestion post rather than a bug report
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1 minute ago, Sparxzilla said:

I remember seeing this before as well. I wanted to report it as I see it as unnecessary to have this displayed to me when I am not related to the reflection of damage. Not a biggie though.

Fair point, would you like for me to move this to suggestions? 

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  • Sparxzilla changed the title to Damage reflection behaviour

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