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All Dealer/Bourg/Artisan Skills.


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15 minutes ago, SouLJiN said:

No, i think your sales are the same. Only if you buy items from npc it costs 30% less. So if item costs 100 zulie you can buy for 70 zulie.

Discount lowers the buying price and merchandising raises the sales price. A bourg pays .75x the cost to buy and sells for 1.3x.

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i think this skill  merchandising is not working, i compare with my 2 account bourg and cleric and i try to sell on npc a same item with my both acount, it has a same sales price, i have a max lvl  merchandising skill

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the weapon augment on bourg only last 10secs it should be 30secs ..

compared to launcher build jury rigging 30secs to OP + launcher's faster than gun also higher dmg how about gun?

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