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1h Soldier or Knight needs an AoE range increasing buff


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So right now the only AoE range increaser are for Spear Soldier and Spear Champion I believe.  They are able to get both and stack them to great effect with their AoE damage abilities, taunt (Sacrifice), and debuffs.

Meanwhile Knights have less effectiveness with all of these aspects, specifically because of their lack of AoE range.

I would like to request a buff for this aspect.  Specifically an actual buff, a self-buff, that increases our AoE range.  I'm thinking 2 + 1 per skill level.  I would normally say stick with something consistent like a passive, but those 2-pointers are far too heavy in most all of the soldier skill trees.

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I agree they do need bigger range and also more of the skills should have taunt at a 100% chance not only 50%. Sacrifice should not be the only 100% aoe taunt ability. Knights at the moment only get one aoe taunt with a 50% chance to taunt. Doesn’t really do much for a job that is meant to tank. Having to rely on a rng drop skill book to gain aoe taunt should not be mandatory for a tanking job.

As well as the option to increase aoe range, I think there should be a skill that is like fencing except for aoe instead. Instead of increasing atk speed for 4 seconds after 5 hits have another skill that after 3-5 hits makes the next auto attacks for 4 seconds do some kind of whirl or cleave which also applies taunt to the enemies hit within the duration.

Similar with crossbow, there should be an explosive power shot type skill also similar to bourgs aoe. Have it hit target and deal aoe splash damage in certain range which also applies taunt.
Or if that clashes with bourgs skill too much. Change shield throw to an actual shield throw and not just a ranged shield slam animation. Have the thrown shield hit up to 5 enemies (depending on how close the enemies are) and either apply a taunt or short stun. Kinda like a boomerang effect.

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