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Latest Rose Online game files [Updated on 30-Aug-2023]


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This is archive of all game folder with latest patches, keep in mind, it has to be downloaded/updated every time game has new release


1. Make sure you have installed game first from  official setup (mirror). Please note down folder it installed it (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Rose Online").

2. Download (920MB) archive with latest patched files or as Zip archive(1.23GB)

3. Run archive and it will ask location where to extract files to. Point it to folder where is "Rose Online".

It will not let you continue of it doesnot find game files in selected folder


Note that it does show client version and date of compressed files


4. Validate update options (Default is to delete all existing files and create new shortcut)



Last option "Create shortcut" will create "Rose online (Direct Login)" shortcut on desktop what will launch game without launcher and goes directly to login screen.

Note there option "Microsoft Edge Webview2", system will auto select it if its missing. You can also select it if you want it to be updated to latest.


4. Click "Process" to extract latest files (it will open extractor window what shows progress, can take some time to finish)




5. Once done it will ask to start game or you can start it from new desktop icon 




Alternatively you can open archive with 7zip manager and move files manually to right location


Possible issues and solutions

Q: After downloading game server gives on login "version" error.

A: Please wait until new archive is uploaded, this error means game got updated but files here not yet


Q: I am getting missing DLL files error

A: Game has to be installed (at least once) via official installer (step 1), it installs required libraries


Q:  I am getting "thread", "kernel" or errors/problems

A: Install MIcrosoft Edge Webview2. Alternatively you can download this tool and run it

Note: you have to unselect "Reset updater/3ddata files", otherwise its required to repeat step 3 (extracting previously downloaded files)



Note that this files also incorporate following UI updates


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updated to v33e7e59
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