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can I change skills, for example from bourgeois to artisan ?


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On 12/28/2022 at 2:29 PM, Sumbudy said:

At the moment yes. If you open up your skills (K) and look under the item mall tab you can see “skill reset” you will get all your SP back to accommodate how you wish for them to be distributed.

Will there be a news if the skill reset removed? i mean its not permanant and do now skill reset apply to second jobs? Thanks~

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19 hours ago, Chocaholic said:

Ok, my dealer just hit the 3 digits. Levelled up with launcher but want to go artisan. Can an artisan still use a launcher or do I need to switch to guns from now on?

You can use a launcher if you want but the only launcher skills you can use as an artisan are on the dealer skill tab.  Launchers need str to equip but since we have free resets, that won't be a problem. You would definitely want to reset and add con for times when you are crafting tho.

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I just choose the artisan path and noticed the passive skills are for both gun and launcher, I guess they will work great with the dealer launcher skills. And like you said, reset is still possible so if I find I lack in attack power, I can reset and try a different build.

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