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Question about farming


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From the looks of it drops seem to be zone level based and by monster type.

Each piece of gear has a grade rank and those drop in their appropriate level ranges.

Adventure Plains and Valley of Luxem Tower are in the Grade 1, which means items up to quality of 30 or so drop here and gear in the grade 1 tier. 

Zant is both grade 1/2 mixed. 

As the grades of drops increase the quality does too. Quality affects ETC drops such as Metals, Leathers, Woods, Cloths, and vendor junk items like coins. Insect type mobs will drop insect junk items too. Animal like mobs will drop furs. And so on.

Around Grade 3/4 is where the first set of uniques may drop at very low chance from the elite/captain/king mobs in those zones. The first set of unique are the ones with lowest stat requirements to use. 

Besides the increasing quality of materials per grade tier as zone levels increase there seems to always be the same default drops. These tend to be feathers, threads, and chemicals. They seem to also have lower drop chance than materials and junk.

The main 4 materials (wood, leather, metal, cloth) peak around quality 44 (Tiar metal for example) and other materials around 34 on planet Junon. 
On Luna you start getting the next higher quality of 36,38,40. (Granite/Marble for example)

This information is from my own testing of leveling a few character from levels 1-80. 
I believe the loot/drop system function in this kind of way for outdoor map regions. The loots and drops may differ for temples and caves as they are considered dungeons and may have increased drops on chemicals. 

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