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Dealer should have an Appraisal skill


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The other day I submitted one for Artisans having repair skills, because that would be a great benefit in a party and Artisans are kind of in need of extra-curricular party utility that will make them more likely to get groups.

I would also like to posit that appraising/identifying equipment is also within the sphere of utility they should have.  It's a common function of merchant-based classes in different online games, and seeing as how its a mechanic of this game - I don't see why they *shouldnt* have it.


Target a party member, use 'Appraise', it opens up an interface that allows party members to deposit a singular item in and get an appraisal for it.  Since its cheap to appraise at a gypsy already, just make it free.  The use-cases aren't necessarily grand, since most people don't need items immediately appraised - but it still makes sense from a world-building perspective since dealers/artisans/bourg are supposed to be good at judging the value of things with their skills and experience.

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I didn't play dealer during iRose so I'm not sure.


On 12/25/2022 at 11:08 PM, OwlchemistVile said:

Give it to Bourgeois instead. They're in need of something unique and they're the ones who are more keen on identification, and exchange of valuable goods.


Borg already have Stockpile and huge AoE DPS that make them the best ranged farmer in the game.  Nobody is saying no to Borgs in parties due to not having much to offer the group.

I'd argue the skill should go to Dealer general before it ever ends up as Borg exclusive. 

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Artisan can craft items and automatically identify the stats.
Bourgeois can farm items and identify the dropped items.

If your argument is that Artisans aren't welcome in party because they don't bring anything to the table, that's a thing. But it doesn't mean you should skip logic to justify the change. Fix Artisans actual problems, don't band-aid fix it with trivial QoL thing. I personally wouldn't be any more inclined to invite an Artisan just because they could identify the items. I would however if they re A: Using their cannon AoE's [that's possible to 250 and beyond btw] or B: if they bring a valuable Crit Buff. ... oh... they have those. I won't invite an artisan who only has crafting skills and refuses to do anything other than leech, or single target auto shoot something.

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