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This idea is for this forum.

When looking at messages and say you are done and want to go back to the top, how about a floating arrow off to the right hand side that if you click it that it will take you to the top?

Ebay has it on their site


Just a thought

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It shouldn't be that bad to implement neccesarily either as you can do it simply with javascript:


^ You then take that on onClick of that button element.

It can look and feel pretty with a smooth scroll applied to the html or body tag, or whatever container actually has the scroll. ( Haven't looked at it yet for here but could find out ).


html {
  scroll-behavior: smooth;


It is a question of how easy it is to edit the code of these forums,

"Powered by Invision Community" 

at the very bottom. Just a theme or something that takes more control?

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