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Can anyone suggest any class and why?


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To add to what Vexoi has said:

Do you like to craft? Artisan.
Do you like to smash? Champion.
Do you like to fast attack? Raider (melee), Scout (ranged).
Do you like to heal? (cleric).
Do you like spell damage? (mage).
Do you like to "earn" money? (Bourgoeis).
Do you like to tank? (Knight).

Super simple layout but might help ❤️


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I played this game when it started but never achieved the "end game". Maximum lvl 70 or 80 with a dex bow cleric, but from what I'm reading this is not viable with the buff changes.

I love summoner classes. My question is if being a summoner (mage) is possible to do as first class and be good at late game? Normally I would play solo so I'm afraid i will not level up fast 😕

With this said, is there a build i can follow? Or should i give up on my dream and make dealer/borgoeis/artyisan to have mercenaries?

Thank you for the support and sorry for the lack of experience 😅

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1 hour ago, CoolBreeze said:

If the game is like anything before, class strength is determined by each patch.  One days it is a dex bourg and the next week he gets nerfed and mage is a god. 

The game hasn’t even entered early access and it’s already nothing like it was before. 

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