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[Tool] Experimental Rose Checker/Fixer 1.4


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Based on tool i created in past for Gravity Rose Online, here is the version what has been adapted to current Rose common problems.

NOTE: game must be installed first in order to use this tool. This tool doesnot install anything, it just validates things and helps resetting game related data

Tool does following things

  • Checks if computer has required WebView2 installed, allows update of it, or auto-installs from Microsoft website if requested. 
  • Checks Windows version/build requirements (default checked)
  • Checks computer memory, video driver, disk, processor to fit RECOMMENDED requirements (default checked)
  • Checks network connectivity to Patch server (as many users had problems with it) (default checked)
  • Checks game folder permissions what could issues (default checked)
  • Option to reset Updater temporarily files and 3ddata files to solve missing file or incomplete patching problems (can be selected)
  • Option to reset Rose Online game configuration (can be selected)
  • Option to generate user computer report (cpu, ram, disk, windows version, etc) for using with trouble tickets to help developer

This tool CANNOT help with disconnections or other problems related to game servers

Download  (Google mirror)

 rosena-checker-v1.4.exe  [1.5MB]

Please note, this tool has no relation to Rednim Games company and was created by/based on community input


1. Download and start launcher

On launching it will ask to point to Rose Online game folder.


If next button is disabled means game wasnot found in shown location, please click "Select" and browse to game folder


2. Select options you want to do

Select what you want tool to do, default will check and reset all listed things

Example you can unselect resetting game configuration or other things


Note: Webview2 option is not selected if its already installed, if you select it again, it will attempt to update it with latest version


3. Click "Process" and let start checks

After clicking process tool will do requested checks and log them all in tool log window


Example System Report at the end


In case of any possible problems tool will both show popup message with errors

After process was done, it will launch Rose Launcher for updates



  • Added cleanup of clanmark cache
  • Added log dump deletion in appdata Local
  • Fixed free memory counters


  • Added check for Visual C++ Distributable version
  • Added check to game config folder (causes game to exit without any error)
  • Autoselected all options on start
  • Defaulted install folder and settings to 64 bit system
  • Enabled ViewView installer window in case selected (will show install progress)


  • Improved disk space detection when game is installed on secondary drive (reported by yodarulez)
  • Adjusted processor and few other limits based on feedback
  • Adjusted most messages (help/feedback from Avatar)
  • Unselected "cleanup/reset" options for default run, now it only CHECKS. User have to click "reset" options himself


  • Adjusted default Rose path for 32 bit systems
  • Disabled 32 bits warning on older systems as game is 32 bits
  • Improved detection of WebView version on 32 bit Windows
  • Added warning for high (over 150%) font scaling in Windows (sometimes messes up fonts in game popups)

Any feedback and suggestions are welcome as i could only test it on 2 computers here, so may need some polishing still


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Happy New Year to you.

I was so excited to see this game being streamed on Twitch but I am unable to get it to work.

I have tried your tool but your tools seems to think I have less then 4 Gb space but in actual fact I have 305 GB in my Game Drive.





2nd error.



I hope you can help.

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I will check disk space function, thanks for report



This means you have same problem i had, check this post and try it (updated files), you may need to run game without patcher/launcher 


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  • rayun changed the title to [Tool] Experimental Rose Checker/Fixer 1.4
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