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Notify player of server maintenance within the game launcher (see mockup)


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A lot of questions are popping up asking why the game is down. In your discord you've announced your updating the game with a new patch. Maybe it's a good idea to:

  1. Schedule the moments when you put the game into maintenance mode. Strict to the minute. Show that nice countdown timer ingame and such to prepare the player.
  2. Show when you are going to do a server maintenance mode within the game launcher. I've included a mockup how that could look like.
    Show this notification bar two days before scheduled. The rest of the time the bar is not shown. This will make it stand out when there is an server maintenance.


The main and most important reason is to keep clear for all players when they cannot play the game. A bit of transparency to the playerbase so there is no reason anymore for questions about downtime, cause it's announced clearly.

Oh, and keep your status page updated as well, cause that is showing that game is online, while you're offline for maintenance.


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