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So i would like to raise a concern about vending

So currently people would have to leave their PC's on to vend, like I experienced way back in NA leaving my pc on for 2 days and only sell 1 item. Really sucks..

Offline vending like in a private server just jampacks the whole world with Shops which is kind of annoying, for me at least.

Auction House just ruins the traditional window shopping of rose.

Limited but repeatable Vending hours basing from a character's level


A character can leave a "Shop" in on the towns with a limited Duration basing from his level. This shop doesn't close even when the character is offline.
Example: a level 20 character can set up a shop for a maximum of 1 hour & 30 mins at a time, The shop will stay on the town and the character can go on and continue his leveling, if he wants to re open the shop he can do so by returning to town and setting up his shop again. 

The time of vending Increases as the character level increases like for example if the character is already at level 100 then the vending time will be 4 hours.

Want to vend the whole day without your shop closing? We keep the Old vending system where your character stays inside your shop and there is no time limit and you have to Stay online.

Overall i think this will help players and the economy without ruining the traditional Window shopping in town and also not crowding the whole world of Rose with offline Shops

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I like parts of your Idea.

I agree, hundreds of offline vending shops everywhere looks messy, but I do like a auction house. It's just a QoL improvement to save time and get the best price and see if the item you are looking for is actually on sale somewhere. Looking for hours just to see there are no e.g. slotted grand fenrirs teeth with a proper quality is annoying.

"Vending time" based on something sounds good, but it should include offline vending time. Maybe it could be used to battle a upcoming hyperinflation.

"Online but unattended vending time": 25k zulie / 1 hour
"Offline vending time": 50k zulie / 1 hour
"Online vending time": 10k / 1 hour

I don't know if online vending time should be free, since people who can keep their computers running 24/7 would just do exactly that without "penalty".

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I disagree on the time based on level.

I think it would be better to introduce Vending Tax. When you start offline vending, you can choose how long you wanna vend, like 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours or 48 hours. The tax for offline is 5% for each sold item. So selling an item for 100k, gives you 95k instead, cause 5k is the cut for taxes.

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