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MeNewbie Intoduction


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:WorryMoldie:Hello friends.:WorryMoldie:


 ➡️- My name is Otto (MeNewbie In game), i'am now 28 year old and i'am from romania. Been on Rose from were the game started and played a long time as an solo player/ show player that don't like to socialize, at that time i had my chars called NigHHt,SoloPK and i was on both server util they marge servers together into one server. Once they ask us to rename our chars because on both servers my chars had same name i started a new era for my game perspective and i become MeNewbie ( Me: I my self, Newbie: New to game) as many know me now days/old days. I had every character in game but i main :ClassHawker: Raider wich i fall in love with his backstory and power, as a hardcore PVM player i grow up farming,doing same things over and over util i get to a point were i can have everthing i wont. For all our memory i shall call a toast for those days.

:EmoteJoy:My Goal then and now:

 ➡️- In game my goal was king/royal set wich i love that set and how hard was to get it.

 ➡️- Stream, i love stream and doing youtube video so may we see you there.

 ➡️- Pvp?! maybe... i never liked pvp as i do with pvm so is just an option for me to test something new .

:EmoteOhwell:In game knowlage:

 ➡️- I have a lot of information about mecanics of the game and how it work, as the time pass i gather a lot of it on my road wich can be share with every old/new comer so just ask me when the game start.

:EmotePleased:Special thanks to:

➡️- Everyone who made my childhood better, i had bad times in all my years but people on this game help me a lot... 

" 1stPresident,Buffies,HuntyOne,Archie,EnlLire,Yunicka,BubbleBut,WheatThin " and many more wich made my days better. Thank you once again 

:EmoteSmile:My Stream and video platform:

➡️-Youtube is were i will do both of them, or maybe videos on youtube and stream on Twitch but we will see.


:EmoteSad:My apologies:

➡️- If i made any misstakes then and now i will say Sorry to those who take it personal or something like that. So once again SORRY for it .



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On 1/24/2022 at 6:23 PM, Buffiies said:

Hello Otto! Gosh my chin drop when I saw my name in the' Special Thanks' to section. We had a fun time, didn't we? Lets make new memories! 

yes we had nice time together and let's make new ones ❤️


On 1/24/2022 at 7:01 PM, Trebor said:

Welcome back Otto, the community I have found to be very nice and helpful here too!   Looking forward to the tests and release of Rose again!

Thank you and i'am looking forwards it and let's just do our best in term of new era of Rose Online! glad to see you again.

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