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text ballon above your head when talking


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the text balloon above your head is gone so quick that its almost not possible to read it while its there.

when people are looking for party for example its easyer if the ballon stays longer above there head so you can find the person atm a text ballon is there only for about 3 seconds witch i think way to short to proper see/read it

(i placed it suggestion but it could be a bug as well as how i remember it they stayed above your head longer)

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yea i think around 10 seconds would be good 

yes reading in chat is possible i know but when fighting / on a bussy place someone near you ask for party but try to find him when the message is gone as quick as it is atm. then you look in chat for the name and need to find out where he is standing. but if the ballon is longer there you just look for the ballon

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