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[ITEM] PvP consumable Disjoint Stone


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Hi, guys! I feel openworld PvP needs a little spicing up. The proposed item is craftable but costly. Triggering it spawns an unremarkable stone that affects all units in a very large area of effect. The stone prevents the activation of teleportation skills for the duration of the stone's lifetime, which diminishes by the second. No units can teleport into the area either. Affected enemy units lose a LOT more exp on death, perhaps even deleveling, if this is a possible mechanic, and are afterwards unable to use any form of teleportation or fast travel for a very long duration. The stone is unaffected by area damage but is targetable by magic and requires one damage-dealing hit to destroy. The stone has no effect in closed spaces outside the open world like AA or dungeons.



  • Makes openworld PvP zones more dangerous
  • Additional mechanic to consider on planets without safe zones


  • Can lead to griefing
  • Involves a problematic new mechanic requiring dev time
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Left out some words again, sigh.
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I'm in for spicing up PvP in ROSE, but the way you suggest can easily be lead to abuse. I mean the deleveling part and losing other stuff. So i'm not a fan of that.

This is how i would spice up PvP within ROSE:

  • At first on your character info window there comes a toggle where you can PvP mode on or off. PvP on means you can PvP anywhere except in sanctuary-locations.
  • In PvP zones this setting PvP setting is on by default and cannot be turned off.
  • Some maps have sanctuary locations, like within the city walls of Junon Polis. These are locations where the PvP setting is turned off and cannot be turned on.
  • Also respawn points are santuary locations. You're safe as long you stay there. The rest of the zone is danger.
  • When PvP mode is on using a teleportation scroll has a casting time of 10 seconds. Attacks can interrupt this casting (the scroll remain unused and is not consumed).

So this way no 'unremarkable stone' is needed. And PvP is game wide if you want to.

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Not enough hatred, pain and torture. I frown at this peaceful solution with my frowny face.

EDIT: Losing level isn't needed, of course, but losing exp is a big motivating force for killing someone. Moreso when you've inhibited them from leveling easily by preventing the use of fast travel or teleportation. Without COST and REWARD PvP is almost pointless.


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