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PAT vs Mounts: Explained


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A birdy poked me a while ago, and I figured it's time I offer a detailed explanation to Rednim on what the comparisons and difference are with these two forms of travel.

I particularly want to do this as it seems that Rednim came to the conclusion that the only value that mattered was "Mounts are faster than carts and shouldn't be" "Detract from PAT importance" and "Don't fit the universe in the way they exist". There was also a comment about them not liking that they're an item which I'll get to as well.

So, here's the details of both modes of travel.


  1. Riding PAT dispels all buffs from the player. This means if you did get buffs in town or from a friend, and for any reason want to travel to your grinding spot, you have to walk if you want to retain your buffs. Thus defeating the purpose.
  2. PAT changes your character stats based on the equipped parts. Usually, this results in the player being significantly weaker by a large factor, and able to be killed in a few hits, compared to several dozen normally.
  3. PAT are as they come, and stats are based on how you build your items / set up.
  4. Being struck doesn't dismount you.
  5. Can carry a passenger.


  1. Mounting a mount doesn't dispel your buffs.
  2. Mounts are a single package, and are only affected by a Clan Passive, that requires group effort to maintain/upgrade.
  3. Only faster than PAT with said passives.
  4. Being struck on a mount dismounts / knocks you off the mount.
  5. Cannot carry a passenger.

So lets discuss the first comment: "Mounts are faster than carts and shouldn't be"
Well, Mounts are only faster than PAT by a small fraction once fully upgraded via Clan Passive. Comparing a max speed mount to a max speed cart, the difference is not a large amount, and that comes with it's own factors. in the next point~

"Detract from PAT importance"
I would argue, Mounts offer a different mode of travel that brings strengths where PAT are weak, but it's own unique weaknesses that PAT counter, such as carrying a second player, thus doubling it's efficiency at moving players. If anything they're providing a choice on how to get around instead of forcing a singular path. Both can be important in their own way.

"Don't fit the universe in the way they exist"
I would counter by saying that all mounts in the game are of in-game monster/creatures and fit the worlds aesthetic fine. The process of obtaining a mount in some cases, such as a spider drop from Ulverick are perfectly in-canon lore. Mounts you received from IM didn't come with an explanation, and thus may violate or push the lore canon. However, in large, mounts don't look like they don't belong.

Now as for the last part, about not liking that they're simply an item, I agree with. They're not very in-depth as they are now. You have no mount equipment for them, even if they don't visually show, having the ability to modify how your mount performs would be a nice touch of customization. And having an interface like the PAT tab, where you chose the mount, and various pieces of mount equipment would be welcomed.


I wrote this post because, I get a large sense that mounts are being written off as exclusively a replacement for PAT, when they're not that at all.It also seems the only thing being looked at is "speed" when that doesn't take in all qualities of each form of travel.  Their popularity due to variety, and newness did cause them to be favored by collectors for a time, but that was also in part to PAT not being expanded for 14 years. If both systems were worked on, and taken care of, in a way that respects what they're intended to be, the game as a whole would be better. I also believe the players would embrace more customization and usefulness for both PAT and Mounts. I don't believe the solution is to just gut one because you favor the other as developers. Some will have their favorites and that's awesome, but as my favorite saying goes

Why not both.


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To clarify- all mounts have not been removed from the game.  The only ones that were taken out are the two that were part of the questline that starts in Adv Plains.

All mounts have the same movement speed- 1500 (no clan passive).  The cart that Mildun sells has 1100 movement speed. Using a Dural Engine and Rapid Wheels crafted by an artisan with the Pirate Frigate cart body from the Pirate event gives you 1570 movement speed but not everyone has access to an artisan.

You know how I feel about mounts but to be fair, currently they are definitely faster than carts. As you said, maybe the answer is to improve the movement speed of carts. I really feel both mounts and carts are important and both have a place in the game.

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I don't particularly think mount should be slower than cart, simply because you can't carry another player. It's significantly more efficient to use a cart to move 2 players over alt tabbing constantly to move 2 players, And should the mounted players be touched even once, they fall off the mount, where as a Cart can drive through it and only take 1-2 hits and probly live.

I just don't believe speed is the only value we should look at.

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@HoneyBunsis this part of the early access FAQ still up to date?



What do you have planned for mounts?

They need some attention and will temporarily be disabled until we can integrate them better. The animations can be weird, it's odd, that they are faster than a cart and having them as an item rather than a spell is awkward as well.


It sounds like mounts are not disabled, so probably FAQ needs to be updated?

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I haven't experience using mounts in any ROSE I have played. First, because I was struck by the Cart (PAT) when I first saw them in ROSE, and Castle Gear is also a bonus so I was already contented with them in the game for faster travel.

But since this is not just my ROSE, I do respect and understand other players clamored for Mounts and who knows, I might as well try those if given the chance to own one in-game.

As the saying goes, the more the merrier.  But I really want my Sporty Cart Black like as shown on this video 😅  My Dream Car

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2 hours ago, Sui said:

@HoneyBunsis this part of the early access FAQ still up to date?

It sounds like mounts are not disabled, so probably FAQ needs to be updated?

I can say for sure that the mounts that are part of events are still in the game. I would assume the mounts that can drop from monsters are still there tho I have not dropped any of them myself.  The Item Mall has not been operational during the alpha testing so I don't know what the status is regarding the IM and mounts

If you compare a car to an animal, not many animals can outrun a car but don't get me wrong, I love mounts and want them in the game.  I did an entire topic in the Alpha Section of the forum about them.  

I'll ask about the FAQ info. I suspect that it just needs to be updated.

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Not to debate you on it Buns but, if we were using IRL as the measurement for effectiveness, Guns should be killing people in 1-2 auto attacks. But that wouldn't be very fun, hence the suspension of disbelief. Plus I don't see Carts as cars, they're like mana-steam go-carts in my eyes. Plus quite a few animals can outrun your average 50cc go-cart, heck even an American brown bear can run as fast as one, 35 mph/s

go-cart and go-kart seem to be interchangeable.

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