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  1. Clan: Envy Position: Clan Master Kica (Cleric) Raze (Cleric) Kagamiine (Mage) Zuin (Champ) Tiie (Scout) Rival (Raider) NicoFlash (Raider) Crashshoot (Bourg) Subs: Fearless (Champ) Infernal (Mage) Sire (Cleric) Klinda (Raider) Watdefakkk (Champ) Topaz (Mage) Sierra (Cleric) Power (Bourg) Hedgy (Cleric) Montante (Raider) Cozy (Raider) Hynch (Scout) Hashtag (Scout) KRSwift (Raider) Sukauto (Scout) Hieu (Cleric) Leviosa (Mage) Mortal (Knight) Righteous (Knight) Spongebob (Bourg) Noblepriest (Cleric) Ronmordz (Mage) Astral (Artisan)
  2. The stacking of rested is not working (or displaying) properly. At stack 1 u get 20% sleep resistance at stack 5 it's still 20% Might I add that adding a mute and taunt resistance in the same way would be awesome! This might fix perma taunt and mute in AA
  3. Arha

    Alt + f4 fix

    This might be a stupid suggestion, but as a legacy user I use alt + f-keys to reach my skills. This works fine, however alt + F4 just closes the game. Idk if it's possible to remove the closing client functionality, but it would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Buff the rewards on these arenas they get barely played, which is a shame.
  5. +1 on this 100 spots is low on a big server
  6. I'm maining knight atm, u can taunt single targets for 15 secs. I don't know if u have played Akram Arena but the moment a team has 2-3 knight wars are unplayable for single target classes. If u build a offensive knight u can actually melt some classes But I can see why u think that's the only way knights are useful
  7. Alot of people have been complaining about knight sacriface being too OP. There is a rather easy fix to prevent players from being perma taunted. For example: when a cleric sleeps a player, he/she/x gets a 25% sleep resistance for 30 secs iir. Implement this to both taunt and stun. The moment u are succesfully stunned or taunted add another stack of 5% on top of that 25%. If u "dodge" a taunt/stun, then this does not increase ur resistance. The duration of this resistance would be 30secs. Timer resets if u get an extra stack Lmk ur thoughts
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