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Draconis Peaks & Crystal Defenders


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Saying "buff pls" and "nerf pls" isn't as useful as suggesting some interesting mechanics for varied play. One of the reasons people don't play DP and CD (aside from the poor ROI) is that it's boring and static. Most Rose gameplay is like this, in fact. There's no complex interaction between stealth and true sight detection, between ranged attacks and melee (except for Garnet's gap closer skill that I've yet to see ingame), between buffs and purge/dispel or between casting point and mana cost. There's almost no interaction with the terrain or any destructible elements or points of interest to capture or deny. We don't have any just-in-time skills, triggered skill combos or guard skills. We don't even have channelling skills. At the very least I'd like to see a mechanic where pseudo-random power-ups spawn on the map with increased frequency and usefulness based on the session time elapsed. Imagine the attacking team managing to locate both a cast range power-up AND a bonus damage power-up, and selecting their sniper (scout, arti) to take both and use them for a critical moment on the defending team's most important member. Imagine an artisan managing to capture all the cannons on the ramparts (just pretend) and using them to launch a continuous barrage at the crystal. How would the defending team respond? What should they have done to prevent this? Et cetera, et cetera.

Just make play more interesting. Put some thought into it. "pa buff po" means nothing in a game where mana shield is a bone of contention to the point where it was heavily nerfed.


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I mean, this is a situation where legitimately all you have to do is buff it for people to play... 

The cap is 100 honor compared to 500 honor in AA and the game can last longer. It doesn't matter how interesting the gameplay is if isn't worth doing. This is suggesting to make it worth doing.

I think Draconis Peaks gameplay is different enough that it is fun to play. I like the fact that you can see where stealthed players are and like the capture the flag style. 

Most of your suggestions are unrealistic with their current workload. Asking for them to do something simpler so we can play varied game modes in the mean time is useful. Voicing support of suggestions is also useful as the devs want to hear feedback. 

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10 hours ago, Kaizy said:

It doesn't matter how interesting the gameplay is if isn't worth doing.

I could flip that right around and say it doesn't matter how much honor you get if it's too dreadfully boring to bother playing. Realistically, Rose Online is a game. Min-maxing tryhards are, of course, a sizable segment of the playerbase and will decide their course based not on fun gameplay but on resource gained per minute of activity, but them aside, people play for fun. They typically play for fun if there's a possibility of fun to be had. Right now, there's the possibility but not much else, so there's not much keeping them locked into DP and AA. Of course, you're completely right that the rewards are pathetic and the devs could simply buff those as a quick-fix. It's a good suggestion but still just a quick-fix though. My suggestions go above that. They are both specific and more general to overall Rose gameplay. What's lacking for endgame content is replayability. Fun and interesting elements. People play chess for fun. There's literal MMR for chess. And yet it's been the same board and pieces for centuries. Dota at its core hasn't changed all that much in 20 years either but it has intensely high replay value. I'm saying the devs should, when they can, widen their scope and strongly reconsider their view of what needs fixing for mid- and endgame and how that should be fixed.


EDIT: You seem to have misread me. I did not dismiss your efforts as useless and without merit. They are useful, as are the other simple things 'doable-right now' you mentioned. That said, adding additional suggestions keeps the dev teams on their toes; it outlines a framework of suggestions for a specific component of the game so they can work towards it. This has always been the purpose of the suggestions subforum: the now, the very soon and the much later. We are the ones that provide the bulk of the 'much later' that the team uses as its compass.

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